Founding Conference

We are looking to identify partner organizations from 15 regions: North America, Latin America, Central America/Mexico/Caribbean, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Russia, Caucasus, Southwest Asia/Iran, Middle East, North Africa, Central/Southern Africa, East Asia, China, India, Southeast Asia/Oceania. While fully aware that each region contains a great diversity of peoples and issues, we hope that these will coalesce into regional centers through which others can join the network.

Among the core groups identified will also be those representing non-geographic issue-constituents: LGBT, anti-globalization, anti-war, workers’ movements and unions; organizations for women, prisoners, human rights; environmental activists, academic think-tanks and others.

When we reach critical mass, we will convene a Founding Conference to collectively forge the principles and agendas upon which our network will operate, and to solicit views, issues, priorities, strategies and suggestions for joint campaigns.