Founding conference

We are looking to identify partner organizations from 15 regions: North America, Latin America, Central America/Mexico/Caribbean, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Russia, Caucasus, Southwest Asia/Iran, Middle East, North Africa, Central/Southern Africa, East Asia, China, India, Southeast Asia/Oceania.

Institute for strategic activism

The Institute for Strategic Activism will operate as a kind of popular think-tank. Through it TPYN members will develop campaign strategies, hold conferences, offer joint training programs, share analyses and materials. The Institute will also promote needed dialogue between activists and academics.

Wars against the people: A Web portal

A joint project of TPYN and the Transnational Institute exploring a critical yet inadequately grasped facet of the capitalist world system: How are militaries, security forces, police and prisons deployed in order to secure, discipline and pacify us so as to protect the hegemony of transnational capitalism itself?