How we work

In order to begin the process, we envision a structure of four interrelated components:

A Collaborative Platform, as depicted above, is the strategic organizing principle of TPYN. Rather than trying to impose a structure or agenda, our approach is one of voluntary association in a participatory, non-hierarchical, transparent network.

A Resource Center enabling TPYN members to share collective analysis, news and resources while providing key resources for movement building. Two initial programs of the Resource Center are the Web Portal and the Institute for Strategic Activism.

Partner Organizations are the core of TPYN. Each member decides on its own level of engage- ment. The network can be used merely as a source of identifying and linking with like-minded groups; members can actively share their analyses, initiatives, planned actions.

The TPYN Office is intended to provide logistical coordination. TPYN staff will work towards creating the organizational “infrastructure,” defining our collective agendas and developing campaigns and projects.